Posing on the new slide...


So I really love the new slide at the playground because you can fit the Gangster Gang [aka niece + 3 nephews] on it! 

It also gave me a chance to scrap a large photo [8x10]....which was hard since there was so little space to play with. Well, when all else fails, go for glitter! *winks*

Of course, I had to sneak in a tiny photo somewhere...:)

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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Funny story....*winks*


So a couple of Saturdays ago, the nephews had fun at the playground but came home to a real problem....

Here they 6.30pm. Note what they were wearing....

Apparently, my brother's helper brought back all of their clothes the week prior so the boys had nothing to wear after their bath. I had to "loan" them my tightest t-shirts [you know for those occasions when the "girls" need to be showcased...*winks*] which they wore as T-shirt dresses! *LOL*

Playing along with Scrap365.


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Saved by a white pen...


So I've been enjoying working in my art journal every night...throw on some colour and see how it looks in the morning. :) 

Anyway, you know how it is with mixed media as you start layering...

"Oooh....looking so good! I love gelatos!"
"Hmmm...maybe it needs a little something extra...I'll try..."
"Crap! Now it looks like shit..."
"Thank you it looks like that mess never happened..."
"Goodbye gelatos, I'm going in with my Neocolor crayons..."
"Oh yeah, this is sooooo much better...I'm so getting in the zone..."
"I think I'll stop now...what the [censored curse word]!Where did that blob come from?"
"Maybe some patterned paper to cover up? 
"That was a good save. It looks somewhat decent again."
"I think it needs a shadow effect...oh, I hate it...but it's a pencil, I can erase it..."
"Damn cheap eraser...I'll just try the smudge look..."
"Now it needs some sort of an outline...aha...I'll try my white pen."

"Why did I go in with the white pen? Now I have to outline EVERYTHING!"
"This is so not happening...I'm calling it a night." [Really sad music plays in the background...]

Next morning...
"Hey, it looks pretty decent."

Yeah, me, the drama queen. [cue laughter]

Happy weekend friends! :)


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This layout drove me crazy...


I'm not one to throw out projects even though some projects drive me crazy mid-way...*winks* I go by Tim Gunn's catchphrase, "Make it work!" 

Like on this layout. 

I love this outtake photo of the three nephews rallying around their sister...while she is totally camera ready with her smile. So I matted the photo on glitter cardstock and fussy-cut some SEI floral paper. But the flowers were initially white and didn't quite go with the photo because the kids were in bright clothing and that red fire hydrant was just screaming for attention! [I know..I tend to exaggerate...*LOL*]

Luckily, I managed to find a red sentiment/title strip in my paper scraps [yay!]...and then I added a red ribbon tab to pull my focal point together in a visual triangle. 

Then I coloured the flowers and leaves with gelatos + water + paintbrush for a watercolour effect. I defined them further by outlining with a white pen. And finished with some bling and little outtake photos on the filmstrip.:)

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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The three monkeys...


So when the nephews came dressed in Paul Frank t-shirts, I wanted to do a photo-shoot with the three monkey and a tree...[yes...I can be super corny...*LOL*]

As usual, the deal was a good photo gets them a chance at "free play" posing...

And they channeled their inner Miley Cyrus by sticking out their tongues...*winks* 

Still obsessed with the 3D cut-out photos...:)

Playing along with Stuck?! sketches and the button challenge at The Studio Challenges.


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I went a little mixed media crazy on the lid of this box....


So my sister has been handing me these black gift boxes [sadly, no gifts in them...:(]. Now, you know I LOVE a good sturdy box because it can take my "abuse" better right? *winks*

I gave the lid of the box a clear coat of gesso because I wanted to see how the Silks acrylic glazes look wqrk on a darker background. Then I added a remnant piece of vintage lace and a white floral trim to the base of the box lid. For the top portion, I used the The Crafter's Workshop stencil with Liquitex sand resin and coloured with Silks acrylic glazes.

The beauty of using a glaze is that you can see the layer underneath it...I actually only used two metallic glaze colours - teal and blue. To add sparkle, I added Jo Sonja's clear glitter paint.

Then embellish! :)

Playing along with Mixed Media Monthly Challenge.


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Making the things that store your things pretty...:)


So my craft space is constantly evolving to fit my at-the-moment needs [okay, you caught me... obsessions]. And I've been trying to make the things that store my things [aka storage units] pretty too.

And with my lace obsession, of course it involves lace...*winks*

Before it got "dressed up", it was a plain wooden drawer from Daiso that was black and cream. And oh-so-boring. *LOL*

I covered it with remnant lace and added a satin rose over the knob. Then I added pearls and bling. If you haven't noticed, I LOVE the butterfly bling and use it a lot on my projects.:)

 I'm going to be storing the rest of my butterfly bling in this drawer now. After all, it is properly "labelled" with a butterfly bling. Perfect for LESSology Challenge #39: Fluttering Butterflies


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Three boys, one girl and a fire hydrant...:)


Apparently the Gangster Gang [aka nephews + niece] can no longer walk pass a fire hydrant without convening for a photo shoot...and we have to walk by 2 to get to the playground...*winks* 

I printed two of the same photos and fussy-cut one so that I can pop it on 3D dots for a shadow effect. I prefer my layouts to be relatively flat so I make my own 3D dots using foam + Xyron Creative Station.

The background was created with The Crafter's Workshop stencils and mists.

I had fun colouring the chipboard pieces with a Sharpie, coating it with Art Anthology stone effects paint and then outlining with a white pen.:)

The chipboard birds were covered with Golden glass bead gel, then painted with Silks glazes and given googly eyes. :)

Playing along with Blue Fern Studios.


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Getting back into art journaling...


So I have been obsessed with canvases over the past year or so...and kind of [eh...totally...*winks*] put art journaling on the back burner. But I'm slowly getting back into it....

An art journal is a great way to test-drive colorants and stencils. And use up rub-ons! :)

Playing along with SODAlicious and Case Study.


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