Pastel colours and floral clusters...


Hmmm...I think I am actually getting the hang of pastel colours and the floral clusters. :)

Oh yes, that would be an 8x8 canvas panel on a 12x12 canvas. As always, overzealous colouring and stamping on the background patterned paper requires serious coverup. *winks*

And then of course, I really got into the whole layering of embellishments. 

You know how it is....the brain says "Stop wasting embellishments!", the heart says "Just one more here...and here...and here..." and before you know it, there's glue on the embellishment and you just have to glue it down. *LOL*

Lots of fun textures...lace, satin, metal, wood, plastic...

I love the shimmer from the Wink of Stella brush pen....

I also added more sparkle with glass bead gel and glitter paint.

I went in with some Crackle accents on the Prima wooden ATC.

It was a lot of work but I had fun...and now a valid reason to buy more know, as replenishments of course. *winks*

Playing along with the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge...I went with Stencil, Glitter and Patterned paper.


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The one with a lot of brads


If you don't already know, I love brads. I try to sneak them on every layout. *winks* 

Yep. This is certainly a layout with a lot of brads. 32 of them! [Sadly, they aren't enough to make a significant dent in my brad stash though...]

And here are the "non-staged" photos of my sister and her scooter. In the first photo, she was like, "Seriously?", then came the reluctant smile but eventually she caved and totally posed for me! *yay!*

Love that I managed to use little bits and pieces to embellish the layout. Check out the red ribbon...not quite long enough so I just added a bow! I think it works...*LOL*

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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Can I stick to the supplies I pulled out?


I'm always amazed at how much stuff there is to clean up after making a simple project. So I decided to challenge myself to pick out the stuff I wanted to use on a card and just stick to those supplies.

Yep...a lot of supplies just for one card, eh?

But while making the card, I wished I had MORE supplies of course! *LOL*

But the end result isn't too shabby eh? *winks* [some ego-boosting comments would come in handy here...hehe]

This card was created for The Crafter's Workshop.


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A Christmas wall hanging for Xyron...a tutorial


Hello friends! Today I want to share an easy-to-do and lightweight wall hanging that you can add to a corner of your home for a little festive cheer! Read on for the tutorial. :)

I started off with this empty DVD container. The lid was covered with some MT washi tape.

Using a roll of washi tape as a template, I wrapped some Maya Road paper twine cording to form a wreath.

Then I glued my ribbon and the Santa ornament from last year's Christmas cake using the Teresa Collins Clear Hold Adhesive.

Next I punched some stars out of American Crafts glitter cardstock.

Then I ran the punched stars through the Xyron 3" Sticker Maker which I adhered to the paper twine cording.

I used my Crop-a-dile to punch two holes on the lid so that I can string the cords of stars.

I needed something to anchor the ends of the cords so I ran these festive leaves [thanks Mitra Pratt!] through the Xyron 3" Sticker Maker.

And adhered them to the ends of the cords.

I finished the project by adding some bling, Golden Gold Mica Flakes and colouring the washi tape with Wink of Stella brush in clear for a shimmering finish. :)


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How to scrap the "not-so-great" photos...


So I had these "not-so-great" photos of the nephews playing a board game with grandma. The bright yellow board game was really very distracting. *winks*

Well, you've heard the expression, "Fight fire with fire." right? So I threw on more bright colours!

For instance, the bright red patterned paper mat gave the photos an "insta-lift" and made them appear a tad more interesting, right? [That's my story and I'm sticking to it! *hehe*]

Then I finished with a mix of different textures to add to the illusion of interesting photos. Did it work? *LOL*  

Playing along with My Creative Sketches.


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Exploring the "what ifs"

Burlap-flowers-mixed-media-canvas by Yvonne Yam for The Crafters Workshop

It is easy to slip into one's comfort zone and just work with elements that one is accustomed to. I, however,  love to make things "difficult" for myself by continually pushing boundaries and exploring the "what ifs". *winks*

Like working on a different colour palette. Or picking out the "core" elements and then exploring ways to tie a design together. "Forcing" yourself to do just one thing different each time you work on a project is a great way to grow artistically. :)

Hope you find time this busy season to nourish your artistic soul. Happy weekend my friends! :)

P/s: This mixed media canvas was created for The Crafter's Workshop.


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Food confession...


I have a phone photo gallery has more food photos than people photos. Seriously. *winks*

They get their 5 minutes of fame on my Instagram account...but I thought it was about time they get scrapped. So that when I'm old I can reminisce about how food used to taste like when I had teeth! *LOL*

Notice the strategically placed brads [the round ones and the ones with words] in the main photo? 

They are there to form a "pocket" so that I can pull out the top and bottom photo. :)

Playing along with Let's Get Sketchy.


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